Crystal Infused Glass Water Bottle


Crystal Infused Gem Water Bottle



Beautiful water bottle infused with the crystal of your choice.

Gemstone Material: Rose Quartz Crystal, Amethyst, Citrine, Clear Quartz

Gem water, as it is known by, can also be referred to as crystal healing, gem elixirs, crystal tonics, crystal waters and more. These crystals enhance the flow of positive energy while also eliminating any negative energy present. Gem water has many other benefits associated with it including alleviating pain, improved skin conditions, preventing allergies, improved confidence, and higher levels of concentration and awareness.

When it comes to individual crystals each crystal provides its own unique benefit. For example, Amethyst, is known to provide the user greater clarity. Clear quartz and rose quartz increase energy and attract love respectively. So, depending on what energy you are most in need of, there is more than likely a crystal just right for you!

Size: 25cmx6.5cm/9.84”x2.6”
Height of wands:8.5cm-9cm/3.35”-3.54”

(The size of the item may vary slightly )


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