Air Plant Citrine Cluster


Air Plant Citrine Cluster-Citrine Air Plant-Tillandsia Terrarium-Air Plant Terrarium-Citrine Rough-Citrine



Citrine stone has a beautiful yellow color. It is used to cure and enhance flow of Chi within the environment for centuries.

Citrine is used to:

1.  Strengthen self esteem and a positive, vibrant flow of energy in and around one’s body.

2. Improve digestion and strengthen one’s physical endurance.

3. Attract wealth.

This product includes a citrine planter and mini air plant. What a beautiful way to incorporate the citrine stone in your home or office. It can go right on your desk for decor while you attract prosperity to your life.


Citrine 2-3”
Air plant 1-2″

Happy to help you place the citrine stone according to what you are looking to accomplish, improve or cure.



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