Amethyst Stone Cluster


Amethyst Cluster Geode with Druzy Dark Purple Crystals | Grade A Quality Amethyst Crystal Specimen for Collection



Amethyst is a beautiful stone used widely as a  feng shui cure and enchantment.

Amethyst stones can be in different hues of purple and can take on different shapes.

Amethyst can be used as a Feng Shui cure to:

1. Strengthen immune system and heal imbalances in the respiratory track

2. Calm emotions and bring balance to the house hold with arguments and misunderstandings

3. Good for concentration in children’s study area

4. Due to its rich purple color, great prosperity enhancement and cure

I am happy to help you where to place the Amethyst stone according to what you are trying to cure and/ or enhance in your home and life.

*Pic of the Amethyst stone shown
Approximate Dimensions: 4.5in X 3in X 2in
Weight: 1lb 2oz



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